Our Mission

We help realize a more secure and comfortable society
through superior technologies that provide safety and reliability.

Our Vision

We strive to become a global company by pursuing world-leading technologies
with ingenuity and passion to inspire our customer's "Kando"*.

*"Kando" is a japanese word that describes the sense of awe and
the emotion you feel when experiencing something beautiful and amazing for the first time.
It is the moment when your expectations are exceed - you feel "Kando".

Our Values

  1. 01

    Emphasize "safety and realibility" above all.

    Manufacturing Manufacturing
  2. 02

    Strive to improve customer value by talking the customer's perspective.

    Business Business
  3. 03

    Take on challenges for your own growth.

    Education Education
  4. 04

    Preserve the environment and contribute to the development of local communities.

  5. 05

    Have dreams and share them.

    Creation of the future. Creation of the future.

安全への取組 安全教育センター「創安塾」

人を育み、安全を創造する。 育人創安

Nisshin Electric Construction Co., Ltd. has created "SOANJUKU",
its own training center where all the know-how and experience obtained in past work
are transmitted to the employees,
in order to keep the highest levels of excellence and safety
in the future workplaces and future services.

Training in the Rail Facilities

In the training rail facilites, operations of the signalling system are reproduced, specially for equipments such as Point Machine and signal indicator.

Training in the Interlocking System Operation

In the training facilities, employees accumulate a wide range of experience by reproducing the Interlocking System functions. The interlocking equipment is repeatedly operated, so that trainees will be capable to execute specific training operations, offering the real conditions for the employees to act in unexpected situations.

Training for Wayside Safety Guard

With the use of a simulation in which an equipment reproduces the passage of a train in the work area, this training allows the improvement of the services under real operational conditions.

Training Facilities and Equipment

  • Classroom for courses and training.
  • Classroom for courses and training.
  • AFC
  • Traffic signal indicator